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Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe Opens Stylectrical On Electro-Design That Makes History

The exhibition on view, 26th Aug. 2011 – 15th Jan. 2012, takes a look at the complex process of industrial product design in the context of cultural studies focussing the design of Apple.

Once again the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg is taking up a highly topical and socially relevant subject. The focus is on the design of Jonathan Ive (*1967), Senior Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple, and responsible for creating all of the devices of the California based company. His products are of incomparable popularity on account of their extremely consistent and recognizable design. More than half of the 300 exhibits are products by Apple, which are shown for the first time in a comprehensive overview. The exhibition traces a retrospective of works as well as of the company’s internal development of design, and moreover provides a comprehensive insight into research questions of design history by means of this popular design. In this context the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg will be showing some first-rate items from its own comprehensive collection of post-war industrial design, including works of the designers Michele De Lucchi, Tobias Grau, Hans Gugelot, Herbert Hirche, Peter Raacke, Dieter Rams and Hadi Teherani. Further the exhibition focuses on the economic importance of design. The Red Dot Institute, EPEA Internationale Umweltforschung, Wolk TV and Jung von Matt are partners of the exhibition. Starting July 2011 an app will be available for download which will provide background information and guide the visitor through the exhibition.

Image: The Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe

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