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Museum Schloss Moyland Foundation Reopening 17 – 18 September

As of 17 September 2011, the Museum Schloss Moyland will present its collection based on a whole new concept and in a castle interior that has been correspondingly redesigned.

Key Aspects of the New Concept
The museum will present focal points of its collection in regular rotating exhibitions extending over three floors of the castle building and including complexes that have rarely been shown before. The museum’s unique holdings of works by Joseph Beuys will make up the nucleus of these presentations combined with the stocks of the foundation’s own Joseph Beuys Archive.

The new thematic concept aims to promote the oeuvre of Joseph Beuys, to highlight the diversity and particularities of the museum’s collection and to spur the visitor to make new discoveries. As Dr. Bettina Paust, Artistic Director of the Museum Schloss Moyland Foundation, explains: “The new presentation form at Museum Schloss Moyland is centred on the artwork yet avoids theatrical exaggeration.”

The redesign of the interior of the castle building is also aligned with this new principle. The structural measures were carried out by the architects Hilmer & Sattler and Albrecht (Berlin/Munich). The design of the interiors and the lighting concept take into account the museum’s aspiration to a timely work presentation and appropriate visitor guidance. They accommodate an optimum presentation of the artworks, ensure clear spatial structures and leave scope for each individual work.

A new logo and corporate design and an improved guidance system through the exhibition rooms are destined to make the Museum Schloss Moyland more attractive for visitors: “The concept behind the new presentation of the Museum Schloss Moyland collection is steered by the delight in perceiving, recognising and experiencing art. This applies not only to the works on show, but also to the particular symbiosis of art and historical castle buildings,” says Dr. Bettina Paust.

In addition to rotating presentations of works from the collection in the castle building, the museum will also mount various special exhibitions.

General information on the Museum Schloss Moyland
The main characteristics of the Museum Schloss Moyland Foundation are 1. the former multifaceted private collection of the van der Grinten brothers with its important stocks of early works by Joseph Beuys, 2. the Joseph Beuys Archive with its extensive archive materials and documents, 3. the combination of historical castle architecture and garden art with an integrated sculpture park, 4. the programme of special exhibitions, and 5. cultural events, featuring the fields of music, literature, comedy, etc.

The museum acts as a cultural magnet due to its particular variety of exhibitions and events. Its specific focus on research, exhibition and educational activities surrounding the work and impact of Joseph Beuys makes the Museum Schloss Moyland a Beuys Centre of

The Museum Schloss Moyland is one of the leading art museums in the state of North-Rhine-Westphalia and constitutes an international Beuys Centre.

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Museum Schloss Moyland
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