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Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Presents States of Emergency: Objects as Agency, circa 1970 Symposium

Organized by David Joselit, Carnegie Professor, Yale University and Alexandra Munroe, Samsung Senior Curator of Asian Art

Lee Ufan, Relatum (formerly Phenomenon and Perception A), 1969/2011. Photo by Kristopher McKay

Gathering together art historians, artists, and curators, this daylong symposium, on Friday, September 16 @ 12:00 pm, asks how the proclamation of the “end” of the art object, a statement that was made in a startling number of locations around the world ca. 1970, demonstrated the end of both aesthetic and political modernity, and the advent of a decentered globalism characterized more by crisis than by revolution. Speakers include Stefano Chiodi, Romy Golan, Nicolas Guagnini, Amelia G. Jones, Branden Joseph, Lee Ufan, and Mika Yoshitake. Reception immediately follows.

Topics and speakers include:

Objects as Political Agency
Mika Yoshitake (Tokyo) on Mono-ha: Structures of Disappearance
Joan Kee (Ann Arbor) and Lee Ufan (Kamakura & Paris) in conversation

Agency of The Everyday
Romy Golan (New York) on Italy in 1970: The Missing Structure
Stefano Chiodi (Milan) and Luigi Ontani (Rome) in conversation

Agency in Action
Amelia Jones (Montreal) on Art as Material Trace
Tania Bruguera (New York & Havana), Luis Camnitzer (New York), and Nicolas Guagnini (New York) in conversation
Branden Joseph (New York) on Biomusic

Writing a Global History of Art, circa 1970
David Joselit and Alexandra Munroe on The Possibilities of Comparative Discourse

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
5th Ave at 89th St
New York City

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