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Kunsthaus Zurich Announces Albert Welti Pastel Landscapes Exhibition

Kunsthaus Zurich presents Albert Welti – Pastel Landscapes an exhibition on view 16 December 2011 – 4 March 2012.

Pastel painting, a technique known since the 18th century, had been considered a genre all its own when it was wakened to new life in the last quarter of the 1800s by such artists as Manet, Degas, Redon and Picasso. Manipulating the pastel crayon, a dusty, porous material that can be used on paper to create painterly nuances or spontaneous improvisations, depending on the artist, requires the greatest skill; and yet the technique’s consummation is its union of drawing and painting. A show of some fifty pastels aims to demonstrate the mature talent of Albert Welti (1862 – 1912) as a draughtsman and painter of landscapes, little masterpieces he called ‘pastel nature sketches’ in part to distinguish them from the paintings of ideas of his teacher Arnold Böcklin. Their intensive chromatic effects are the by-product of Welti’s enthusiasm for the virtually irrepressible interaction of light and the human eye.

Image: Albert Welti, Autumn Wood, around 1900 Schaffhausen, Museum zu Allerheiligen

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