Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) Hosts Mediaeval Fall Fair

This year, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) participates in Culture Days during the Museum’s Mediaeval Fall Fair from October 1-2, 2011.

Dancers, comprised of ROM staff and volunteers, perform authentic dance treatises, dressed in period costume and accompanied by singing and music played on authentic reproductions of mediaeval instruments. Members of the public are welcome to experience Culture Days at the ROM from noon to 2 pm, outside on the Bloor Street Plaza located at the ROM Museum Store entrance (weather permitting). The whole family will enjoy watching the dancers in action as well joining in and learning some authentic mediaeval dances.

The ROM’s Family Fun weekend series kicks off with The Field of the Feast of the Archangels: A Mediaeval Fair, free with admission from 11 am to 4 pm. The entire family will enjoy this celebratory weekend of crafts, demonstrations and interactive activities exploring fashion, archery and everyday life in the mediaeval era.

Activities include:

Hunting in the Middle Ages – Includes live birds of prey and a gigantic Irish wolfhound.

How a Man Shall Be Armed in the 14th century – See how a late 14th century knight is prepared for battle as he completely suits up in his harness of armour.

Trebuchet – This small, but full-sized and functional mediaeval siege machine, designed to hurl stone balls, is available to view and will be fired with the aid of visitors.

Archery – Experience an indoor archery range where visitors can meet authentic mediaeval archers with their bows and equipment, and also have the opportunity to shoot a bow!

Arms and Armour – Learn about the equipment of a mediaeval knight, including armour, swords and other arms.

The ROM’s Mediaeval Fall Fair also features demonstrations and interactive activities on spinning, brass rubbing, and writing with a quill pen. Make your own crown or ladies mediaeval hat. Learn about labyrinths, stained glass windows, book illumination, a knight’s vows and more!

Image: Image: The Royal Ontario Museum Daniel Libeskind

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