Muskegon Heritage Museum Exhibits Corliss Valve Steam Engine

The Muskegon Heritage Museum is displaying a Corliss Valve Steam Engine built in 1893, with a 10 foot diameter flywheel weighing 6 tons.

This engine came from the Stewart Hartshorn Roller Shade Co. of Muskegon and powered a dynamo to provide electricity in the plant from 1893 until the 20’s. The engine is run whenever the museum is open. Originally powered by steam, the museum now uses air from a Regenerative Blower.

Corliss Valve Steam Engine, Muskegon Heritage Museum

The belts connect the Corliss Valve steam engine to the early 1900’s machine shop equipment. This gives visitors a look at how many industries in the 19th century and early 20th century ran their machinery using these overhead line shafts. The museum also have a 1888 “Shepard” Lathe, a 1910 “South Bend” Lathe, an “Oliver” Die Filer, a “Sibley & Ware” drill press, Band Saw, Grinder, a “Ferracute” Punch Press and a “Boyton & Plummer” Shaper all running from the line shaft.

The Muskegon Heritage Museum is located at 561 W. Western Avenue across from the Amazon Building and Union Depot (this is also the vistors and convention bureau) between Sixth and Fifth Streets. –

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