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National Museum of Western Art Presents Goya. Lights and Shadows

The National Museum of Western Art Presents Goya. Lights and Shadows. Masterpieces of the Museo del Prado, an exhibition on view Sunday 29 January 2012.

Francisco de Goya, Clothed Maja ca. 1800-07 Oil on canvas Archivo Fotográfico, Museo Nacional del Prado. Madrid

Francisco de Goya (1746–1828) — the Old Master from Spain whose acutely critical eye and intellectual acumen grasped the many diverse aspects of society and human psychology, all helping pave the path for modern painting. Goya’s works stand as testament to Europe’s age of great social upheavals, as they move us even today, two centuries later. This exhibition presents a selection of oil paintings and drawings, 72 in total from the Museo del Prado in Madrid, along with 51 prints from the collection of the NMWA and other museums in Japan, as it explores Goya’s pictorial arts from different vantage points. –

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