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Arizona Museum of Art Presents The Border Project: Soundscapes, Landscapes & Lifescapes

The Arizona Museum of Art presents The Border Project: Soundscapes, Landscapes & Lifescapes on view through March 11, 2012.

In honor of Arizona’s Statehood Centennial Celebration (1912 – 2012) The Border Project presents sound art, music, performance, painting, sculpture, installation, video, film, and photography that examine historical and contemporary life in the U.S./Mexico borderlands region.

Unique in its range of focus, the exhibition treats Arizona, USA and Sonora, Mexico as partners with shared histories, dreams and political realities. It celebrates the rich cultural heritage of this region from Spanish colonization, to Mexican independence, to the Gadsden Purchase, through today. Building on these legacies, The Border Project acknowledges the complexities of border communities that encompass narratives of Mexicans, Mexican-Americans, Asian Americans, American Indians, and Europeans.

The exhibition also explores borders as artificial boundaries, and purposefully crosses them. Working with faculty and graduate students from The University of Arizona’s Border Research Group (a cluster of arts & humanities scholars), the exhibition will reflect the expertise of scholars from art history, history, Latin American studies, gender and women’s studies, American Indian studies, film and music. It was co-curated by Lauren Rabb, Curator of the University of Arizona Museum of Art, John-Michael Warner, PhD student in Art History at the UA School of Art, Janet Sturman, professor of ethnomusicology at the UA School of Music, and Jennifer Jenkins, film scholar and professor of English at the University of Arizona.

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