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Dallas Contemporary Opens DAVID JABLONOWSKI. Many to Many (Stone Carving High Performance)

Dallas Contemporary presents DAVID JABLONOWSKI. Many to Many (Stone Carving High Performance). Open 17 December 2011 – 18 March 2012.

David Jablonowski’s first North American solo exhibition entitled, Many to Many (Stone Carving High Performance), challenges the traditional “one to many” relationship between the artist and the public advocating instead the “many to many” dialogs of multi-layered voices. In his work, Jablonowski increases the range of materials used within the field of sculpture yet subverts museum display strategies to expand the schizophrenic potential of the artist’s signature. He manipulates the tradition of sculpture, much like a sociologist digs in social network structures, transforming complex readings of information and media into what we all experience everyday – a digital madness. –

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