USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum Unveils Utahraptor

Upon Dr. Carpenter’s arrival as The Prehistoric Museum’s new director, he had many visions for the museum ranging from minor tweaks to an uprising of the dinosaurs in the sand pit. Among those visions was to display the museum’s signature dinosaur, Utahraptor, in a new stance lofting in the lobby to greet guests upon arrival.

The discovery of Utahraptor was a significant find for the museum and the timing couldn’t have been more opportune if it were strategically planned. Just prior to the release of the first Jurassic Park movie, museum field crews unearthed the creature that was to give validity to Steven Spielberg’s fictitious movie monsters.

Dr. Carpenter also wanted to ensure that upon arrival to the museum, and entering the lobby, there would be no mistake that you had indeed arrived at a museum. Utahraptor’s presence in the popular killing pose is sure to accomplish this goal.

Dr. Carpenter’s efforts to keep the museum fresh and on the cutting edge of technology are a top priority as shown in his efforts with the museum thus far.

Nestled in the heart of a resource rich archaeological, paleontological and geological play land, the USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum has much to offer in diverse prehistoric subjects. –

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