Brunnier Art Museum Announces Salon to Modern Gallery. Paintings from the Permanent Collection

Brunnier Art Museum presents “Salon to Modern Gallery: Paintings from the Permanent Collection” an exhibition on view at the Brunnier Art Museum, 295 Scheman Bldg., Iowa State University, from January 10 to August 3, 2012.

This installation of over 30 works of art from the permanent collection compares salon and modernist gallery installations. Museum galleries are curatorially designed to influence the way we think and feel. This exhibition implores you to explore and compare art in these two installation environments, and how each of the installations affects your perception and understanding of the art. The exhibition’s purpose is to examine the
relationship between the installation, physical space and intellectual space, and the idea of museum galleries.

The salon-style presentation is markedly different from the minimalist aesthetic at many modern and contemporary art museums today, and the resulting salon density is perhaps the exhibition’s most dramatic feature when compared with the white box density of one work of art. Works of art from the permanent collection are arranged in no particular order and in no obvious hierarchy. The way a visitor views an exhibition installation plays a determining role in their context and understanding of the individual works of art and the relationship to other works of art in a gallery.

The Brunnier Art Museum is located on the second floor of the Scheman Building. Admission is free, however there is a suggested donation of $3 per visitor.

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