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National Gallery of Denmark Announces 2012 Exhibitions

4 February – 20 May 2012 / Admission: DKK 95
Vilhelm Hammershøi is often presented as a unique figure, indeed as something of a lone wolf within Danish art. He is viewed as an artist who marched exclusively to the beat of his own drum, transposing traditional painterly motifs into the modern world. At the same time he is frequently regarded as an artist who kept a certain distance from his own era, as someone who was neither interested in nor inspired by the art of his own day. But Hammershøi was not alone in the world, and the Gallery’s major spring exhibition views him in a whole new light. The exhibition not only presents a wide selection of his main masterpieces, it also juxtaposes his work with that of his European contemporaries – i.e. with artists such as James McNeill Whistler, Eugène Carrière, Henri Fantin-Latour, Paul Gauguin, and Fernand Khnopff. In their own separate ways these artists shared a kinship with Hammershøi’s distinctive way of addressing themes such as loneliness, isolation, and alienation. The exhibition comprises 90 works and will subsequently be shown at the Kunsthalle der Hypo-Kulturstiftung in Munich.

From 30 March 2012 / Admission: Free
Art from the entire 20th century and the most recent contemporary art fills the rooms of the Gallery’s modern white building. Wide-ranging in scope, the display presents the main movements within Danish art, addressing prominent individual artists as well as collective movements. The display also offers a range of highlights from recent international art, ranging from Nolde’s expressive paintings to Robert Smithson’s minimalist milestones. The opening of the display marks the completion of the third and final stage of the comprehensive revitalisation of the Gallery’s permanent collections. 2011 saw the opening of ”Danish and Nordic Art 1750-1900”, ”French Art 1900-30”, and ”European Art 1300-1800”.

The Royal Collection of Graphic Art
20 April – 12 August 2012 / Admission: DKK 55
To reinvent art! That was the ambition for the European avant-garde. They wanted new answers to a familiar question: What is true art? In Germany these questions became interwoven with the endeavours to identify a national identity. The exhibition presents a range of works by artists such as Kandinsky, Klee, Kirchner, Dix, and Grosz, thereby outlining the contours of a hectic and multi-hued chapter in the history of German art by means of prints, watercolours, and drawings from the Royal Collection of Graphic Arts.

4 May – 21 October 2012 / Admission: Free
An exhibition that delves beneath the surface of four almost identical Dutch 16th century paintings to explore their secrets. Through scientific studies and art-historical analyses the exhibition looks behind the scenes to present a portrait of an era where artists were quite overtly inspired by and copied each other. The paintings indicate that figures such as Bruegel and Bosch may have been the artists behind the motifs. Are they workshop pieces? Which painting is the original, and which are copies? The exhibition has been created on the basis of collaborative efforts involving Kadriorg Art Museum in Tallinn, Glasgow Museums and University of Glasgow, and the National Gallery of Denmark.

11 May – 16 September 2012 / Admission: Free
A love story that explores different types of intelligence and possible connections between the brain and the Internet. Experience the internationally acclaimed British artist Emily Wardill (b. 1977), who will stage a video installation in x-rummet. The exhibition represents her first presentation in Denmark.

14 July – 28 October 2012 / Admission: DKK 95
One of the greatest masters within 20th century art is presented in a new, major exhibition that brings together a wide range of Matisse’s masterpieces from the entire world. Based on the most recent research, the exhibition adds a whole new chapter to the story of the French master artist by explicitly focusing on the artistic process itself. Throughout his career Matisse maintained an investigative approach to his art; he continually tested and challenged his own idioms. The exhibition focuses on the methods Matisse employed when exploring new approaches. Special attention is directed towards how the artist would repeat specific motifs, systematically varying the colours and modes of expression. Repetition and variation are fundamental features of Matisse’s art that can contribute to furthering our understanding of crucial aspects running through his life and work. The exhibition is arranged by Musée National d’Art Moderne, Centre Pompidou in Paris, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and the National Gallery of Denmark.

The Royal Collection of Graphic Arts
12 October 2012 – 20 January 2013 / Admission: DKK 55
The devil is, as we know, in the detail. Many of the works housed at the Royal Collection of Graphic Arts show that artists have always been interested in details, either as parts of paintings or as parts of graphic works. The exhibition shows the significance of what may at first seem insignificant and challenges us to move beyond our habitual focus on the bigger picture.

2 November 2012 – 1 April 2013 / Admission: Free
The name of the featured artist of the autumn exhibition in x-rummet will be made public at in the spring of 2012.

Life & Death / An exhibition for children
Until autumn 2012 / Admission: Free
Art can provide new ways of viewing the world – it can create a space and a setting where we can entertain big and small thoughts about life and death. The exhibition is primarily aimed at children aged 6 to 12 and is arranged in co-operation with children, teachers, and psychologists.

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