Canadian Cultural Centre presents Jayce Salloum. Recits alternatifs

The Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris presents Jayce Salloum. Recits alternatifs an e(du Liban à l’Afghanistan, par la Vallée de l’Okanagan…)
exhibition on view until 16 March 2012.

Jayce Salloum. Inside looking out, sky and hills (Buddhas cave site), from “..the heart that has no love/pain/generosity is not a heart..”, Bamiyan, Hazarajat, Afghanistan, 2010 (2008).

Récits alternatifs brings together a collection of videographic works stemming as much from image as from narrative. The work of Jayce Salloum features an approach critical of the complex relationship between subjectivity and objectivity, since the reality in which he is interested is highly “sensitive”. This work is elaborated, unlike the inevitably simplistic and hasty approach of the mass media, with acute awareness of the common practice and social, political, aesthetic and, more generally, ideological effects of representation. Tuned into the place and people (from the anonymous farmer to the national treasure) linked to major territorial, cultural and ethnic conflicts, but on the margins of stereotyped, dominant or official discourse, this work does not cover events or brandish messages, but archives encounters, exchanges, traces, impressions, expressions, confidences and wandering thoughts. Récits alternatifs presents the visual and aural crackling that animates the work of Salloum and does not lead the viewer to a specific place but keeps him or her in a less comfortable area of exchanges back and forth that undermine the fixity of tightly circumscribed positions and perceptions.

Of Lebanese origin, Jayce Salloum lives Vancouver. His work has been presented in numerous local, national and international exhibitions, and notably at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa and the 15th Biennale of Sydney. His videos have been projected at international festivals around the world, including the Impakt Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands; Diagonale, Forum Stadtpark, Graz, Austria; Pressure Points, Sydney Arab Film Festival, Australia; Transat Vidéo, Caen, France; Mostra Curta Cinema –- Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival, Brazi; Rotterdam International Film Festival, Netherlands; Singapore International Film Festival, Singapore; European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück, Germany.

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