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Roman Germanic Museum opens The Return of the Gods

The Roman-Germanic Museum in Cologne presents The Return of the Gods on view 13. January – 26. August 2012.

Even today, the world of the ancient Greek gods has lost none of its fascination. Accounts of the deeds of mighty Zeus, his jealous wife Hera, the twins Apollo and Artemis, beautiful Aphrodite, and Dionysos the god of wine, are as enthralling as ever after more than 2000 years. Greek poets and artists conveyed a vivid picture of the world of these gods. Their work set creative precedents and were a source of inspiration; they also furnished models and a stimulus for new interpretations and original compositions by Roman writers and sculptors. Over a period of more than three hundred years, the Brandenburg-Prussian Electors and Kings in Berlin collected antique works of art, which are now in the museums of the ‘Preußischer Kulturbesitz’ Foundation – the Pergamon Museum and the Collection of Antiqui-ties. For the first time in Cologne, in the exhibition The Return of the Gods, the Olympian world of the Greek gods is recreated with marble statues, stone reliefs, bronzes and luxuri-ous vases from the Berlin collections – a cross section of outstanding European art from early Greek times to the imperial Roman period.

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