McNay Art Museum opens Baroque to Bauhaus. Designs from the Tobin Collection

The McNay Art Museum presents Baroque to Bauhaus: Designs from the Tobin Collection an exhibition on view January 18 – June 10, 2012

Baroque to Bauhaus connects theatre designs to the larger history of visual culture from the 1600s to the early 1900s. These two styles are the antithesis of one another, with the spare, clean lines of the Bauhaus challenging the painterly illusionism of the Baroque. The Baroque theme includes modern designs in an ornate mode by artists such as Alexandre Benois and Eugene Berman, along with designs from the 1600s–1700s by Giacomo Torelli and the Bibiena family. The Bauhaus theme focuses on artists affiliated with the German school that stressed unity of art, craft, and technology in the 1920s–1930s, including Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and Grit Kallin- Fischer, as well as exponents of international Constructivism such as Alexandra Exter.

This exhibition was organized by the McNay Art Museum and is a program of the Tobin Theatre Arts Fund.

McNay Art Museum, 6000 North New Braunfels, San Antonio, Texas 78209

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