Dixon Gallery and Gardens presents This Must Be the Place. Contemporary Photography in Memphis

The Dixon Gallery and Gardens presents This Must Be the Place: Contemporary Photography in Memphis an exhibition on view through Sunday, March 04, 2012.

This Must Be the Place presents contemporary photography by artists who relate to their respective environments in the Mid-South in a myriad of ways. The artists included explore how identity is linked to a particular place and therefore question what it means to identify one’s self with a specific location through nature, property, popular culture, psychology, and commerce. While some works straightforwardly depict the region, while others explore on a more psychological level their interactions with the environment. Featuring works by Tommy Kha, Yijun Liao, Jordan Hood, Ian Lemmonds, Frances Berry, Michael Darough, and Anna Hollis.

Dixon Gallery and Gardens, 4339 Park Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38117
Office: (901) 761-5250 FAX: (901) 682-0943

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