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Kunsthalle Zurich to re-open in the Lowenbrau art complex

The Kunsthalle Zürich will re-open to the public in its new permanent home in the Löwenbräu art complex in Zurich on 10 June 2012.

Löwenbräu art complex

Since its establishment, the Kunsthalle Zürich has had a rather turbulent history in terms of its spatial arrangements. Now, 25 years after the foundation of the Kunsthalle Zürich Association, the Kunsthalle Zürich can finally take the decisive step of obtaining its own permanent premises. Together with the City of Zurich and Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund as shareholders, the Kunsthalle Zürich Foundation will secure the Löwenbräu art complex and its own premises as a permanent home for contemporary art in Zurich

Gigon/Guyer Architekten are responsible for the detailed planning of the new Löwenbräu art complex. Since its establishment in 1989, the practice has designed outstanding buildings of international renown including the Kirchner Museum, Davos (1992), the Sports Centre, Davos (1996), the Museum Liner, Appenzell (1996), a housing complex and conversion projects in the Pflegi district of Zurich (2002) as well as the recently completed Prime Tower in the Maag area. Its work is characterised by a synergy between dedicated aesthetic statements, precise materiality and a pragmatic approach to spatial conditions. –

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