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Mosaic Rooms announces Iraq-How, Where, For Whom?

The Mosaic Rooms presents Iraq-How, Where, For Whom? an exhibition on view 20.04.12 —08.06.12.

Kennard PhillippsPhoto Op 2005

A collaborative exhibition between Iraqi artist Hanaa’ Malallah and the UK duo kennardphillipps.

The work of Hanaa’ Malallah and kennardphillipp share a mutual skepticism of claims that the invasion/occupation of Iraq has brought freedom and a better future to its people. kennardphillipps’ work uses up-to-date archives of press photography and digital print technology. Malallah’s work takes its form from the materials she uses, creating tragic and beautiful forms by creasing, burning and folding.

Working together to create an exhibition of new works whilst responding to each other’s practises, the artists aim to create a powerful and unique conversation.

Considered one of the most original and expressive Iraqi artists of her generation, Hanaa’ Malallah has been working in London since 2007, when she was forced to flee Iraq. kennardphillipps is a collaborative, London-based collective of the two British artists Peter Kennard and Cat Phillips, which began in 2003 in response to the invasion of Iraq.
A special programme of lectures and debates on the nature of democracy, WHAT PURPOSE FREE SPEECH WHEN NO ONE LISTENS, will accompany this exhibition, including talks by the three artists. More details coming soon!
Exhibition open Tue-Sat 11-6pm, entrance free

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