Secession announces Michael Snow Recent Works

Secession presents Michael Snow Recent Works on view February 23–April 15, 2012.

Michael Snow. Recent Works is the first solo show presenting the work of the influential Canadian artist Michael Snow in Austria. The exhibition features selected photographs and film installations from the past ten years that exemplify the spectrum of his art. An experimental filmmaker, painter, sculptor, photographer, and professional jazz musician, Snow has worked in a wide range of media for more than fifty years. His art is defined by his sustained interest in questions of the perception of reality and its eidetic representation as well as the means of that representation itself. Applying a rigorous approach, he examines the structures, processes, and limitations of the various media, often operating in the interstices and exploring one medium from the perspective of another. Each one of his works pursues a specific strategy. The works on display in the Secession address issues including simultaneity in the interplay between image and sound, the plane of projection as the basis for the perception of filmic imagery, beholders’ perspectives, and the object status of what photography depicts, or in other words, its realism.

Michael Snow, who was born in Toronto (CA), lives and works in Toronto (CA).
In collaboration with the Film Museum, Vienna

Michael Snow Recent Works in Cooperation with the Österreichische Filmmuseum:

1. Sound and Silence – Friday Feb 24, 6:30 pm, Österreichisches Filmmuseum
A to Z (7 min) – 16mm (CFMDC)
New York Eye and Ear Control (34 min) – 16mm (CFMDC)
Standard Time (8 min) – 16mm (CFMDC)
Michael Snow in conversation with Michaela Grill and Stefan Grissemann

2. Shape Changing – Friday Feb 24, 9:00 pm, Österreichisches Filmmuseum
*Corpus Callosum (92 min) – Digibeta (CFMDC)
Introduction by Michael Snow

3. Wavelengths – Saturday Feb 25, 6:30 pm, Österreichisches Filmmuseum
Wavelength (45 min) – 16mm (OeFM)
WVLNT (15 min) – DVD (M.S.)
Michael Snow in conversation with Michaela Grill and Stefan Grissemann

4. Energy and Durations – Monday, Feb 27, 6:30 pm, Österreichisches Filmmuseum
Back and Forth (51 min) – 16mm (OeFM)
One Second in Montreal (26 min) – 16mm (CFMDC)
Introduction by Michael Snow

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