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Byzantine & Christian Museum exhibition at Athens Airport

The Byzantine & Christian Museum presents an exhibition at Athens International Airpor, on view through April 30th, 2012.

The Byzantine Museum completed one year ago its new Permanent Exhibition of the Museum’s Collections, which was set up on the basis of a new museological concept, compatible with the requirements of contemporary museology.

The visitors of the exhibition at Athens International Airport will have the opportunity to become familiarized with aspects of the thematic sections of the Museum’s permanent exhibition, which outlines in a synthetic way the period from late antiquity (3rd century) until the Greek state’s establishment.

The aspects of the Museum’s Permanent Exhibition are projected versus the modern art temporary exhibitions, which the Museum has scheduled to host at its premises for the first semester of 2012, depicting the materialization of Byzantine art by contemporary artistic trends.

The Byzantine & Christian Museum is one of the biggest public museums in Greece, founded in the beginning of the 20th century (1914). Its purpose is the collection, the preservation, the study and the presentation of the cultural heritage of Byzantine and Post Byzantine era.

The exhibition is located at the Arrivals Level / Entrance 1. There is a free access to the exhibition for all airport visitors on a 24-hour basis. –

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