National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea presents Art Folly 2012_Cubrick

The National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea presents Art Folly 2012_Cubrick, on view through June 2012.

Chanjoong Kim, “Cubrick,” 2012. Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP)&LED, 4x4x4m. Photographs by YongKwan Kim

The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea (NMOCA) has opened an exhibition titled ‘Art Folly 2012_Cubrick’, a work by architect Chanjoong Kim to the general public. The exhibition will run from January to June just outside the museum in the plaza of Seoul Grand Park, under the concept of ‘A Meeting of Art and Architecture’, as part of the public art project of NMOCA. With the start of “Cubrick”, this exhibition will expand the scope of conventional art to several outdoor spaces.

The work was created by stacking 42 cubes made of fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP). The architect made only one type of 3D-cube, which has six different kinds of surfaces. By rotating & stacking 42 3D-cubes, the architect finally generated 4mx4mx4m giant cube with dynamic facial expression. Each tapered open window of 3D-cube captures various scenic views of the surrounding area in a unique manner.

The floor of the art work is made of LED, and various patterns and information about exhibitions and cultural events at NMOCA are projected onto the floor, providing dynamic images in real time to spectators who are standing on the floor or looking down through the gaps between the windows.

Architect Chanjoong Kim (currently serving as a professor in the Department of Architecture at Kyeonghee University) also runs ‘The_System Lab’ to achieve the specialization of production and design systems related to space, ranging from small-sized housing to large-scale urban environmental projects. “Cubrick” was created in the process of exploring new materials and fabrication methods for the contemporary industry, and will provide a special space that crosses over the boundaries between architecture, art, and industry.

Curator of NMOCA, Dahyoung Chung who planned this project, said, “These outdoor installations will provide a unique spatial experience to the general public for a certain period of time,” adding, “”Art Folly” will capture people’s mind and eyes as an open venue and a new window to art.”

“Art Folly” is a new public art project of the museum, following the series comprising “UUL Art Fence Project”, “Nuclear Power Plant Art Project_Yeonggwang 2010″, and “Museum Link_Itjanayo(You know…)”. It materializes a major motto of contemporary art, “Art Outside the Museum”, with the museum’s new public art project. This exhibition will become an open space for all to explore and participate in art.

NMOCA will launch its second series of “Art Folly” in summer 2012 by utilizing the outdoor sculpture park and courtyard of the museum to create synergy effects together with “Cubrick”. Furthermore, the museum will promote the museum’s openness to the public by linking a series of events such as “Art Folly”, the ongoing Korea Architecture Archive Project, and Korea’s Contemporary Architectural Exhibition, which is scheduled for 2013.

NMOCA is planning to grow as a leading agency in the genre of contemporary art, as well as in various genres of visual art such as architecture and design.

Chanjoong Kim was born in 1969. He received a degree in architectural engineering from Korea University and master in architectural design from the Graduate School of Harvard University before going to study at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. After graduating, he worked for Hanul Architecture and for Chan Krieger Associates in Cambridge, USA, and acquired practical experience while working for Kyu Sung Woo Architects. At present, he runs The_System Lab and is serving as a professor at the Graduate School of Architecture at Kyung Hee University. He is also working as an architectural advisor for Samsung C & T Corporation. He participated in the 10th Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition in 2006. In the same year, he was chosen as one of Asia’s six most promising architects during the Beijing Biennale. His representative architectural works include the Yeonhui-dong Gallery, Samsung Raemian Gallery, and Paul Smith Flagship Store, and SK Foundation Headquarter Project.

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
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