Bergen Kunsthall presents Karl Holmqvist. The Visit

The Bergen Kunsthall presents Karl Holmqvist – The Visit an exhibition, on view 9 March–8 April, 2012.

Karl Holmqvist is a poet and visual artist. In his publications, readings, collages, wall texts and installations he problematizes the text and the mutable potential of language as the bearer of meaning-content.

The texts are often assemblages of ‘found texts’: quotations, pop lyrics or political slogans—with a rich diversity of references that point to both activism and alternative culture. Holmqvist’s works can be compared to concrete poetry, but also to graphic notation or text-based scores in experimental music. The written text functions as cues for improvisation-based readings. In a strange, flat, almost hypnotically chanting voice, Holmqvist exploits repetitions, variations and combinations to make constant changes in the nuances and layers of meaning inherent in an often quite minimal textual starting point. The multiple meanings of his works enable the viewer to put together his or her own different possible meanings, and thus help to counteract an authoritarian understanding of language based on ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

At Bergen Kunsthall Holmqvist will present a series of new works especially assembled for the NO.5 space. The exhibition is part of an annual collaboration between Bergen Kunsthall and the Borealis Festival. This year’s Borealis has the concept of ‘protest’ as the general theme of the festival programme.

The exhibition has been produced by Bergen Kunsthall in collaboration with Borealis. The Borealis Festival: 14–18 March 2012.

To accompany the exhibition, Bergen Kunsthall in collaboration with Kunsthalle Zürich and JRP Ringier are publishing a new book with texts by Karl Holmqvist. The book will be available in our online bookshop.


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