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Minneapolis Institute of Arts opens The Sports Show

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts presents The Sports Show, an exhibition on view Feb 19 – May 13, 2012.

Track the evolution of sport from pastime to spectacle. And see how sports images express ideas about power and politics, culture and race, fans and fanatics.

“The Sports Show” features photographs from the MIA’s collection and other cultural institutions, together with mass media photographs, televisions clips, movies, installations, and videos.

Images from key moments in sports spotlight the artistic and cultural impact of sports media from the birth of photography to the instantaneous playback of the digital age. These are powerful artistic images and objects in their own right; at the same time, they communicate a broader social, political, and cultural significance through the mass spectacle that we know as sports.

A companion exhibition, “The Sports Show: Minnesota,” presents iconic images of hometown teams, games, and players that no true fan will want to miss. –

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