Smithsonian Theaters to present Rescue 3D at the National Air and Space Museum’s Lockheed Martin IMAX Theater

Smithsonian Theaters will present its newest giant screen film, Rescue 3D. The feature will open March 2 at the National Air and Space Museum’s Lockheed Martin IMAX Theater on the National Mall.

The 3-D IMAX film calls attention to the humanitarian missions of civil and military organizations to man-made and natural crises around the world. Audiences will follow four responders to gain an understanding of the skills and efforts needed to provide life-saving assistance to individuals and communities.

U.S. Air Force Captain Lauren Ross pilots a C-17, an effective tool for medical evacuations and large-scale rescue operations. Nevada National Guard Maj. Matt Jonkey and his helicopter team train to rescue a stranded hiker and deploy much-needed supplies in remote areas. Stephen Heicklen is a construction contractor and volunteer firefighter in New Jersey who also volunteered on a disaster-response team deployed to Haiti that evacuated seriously injured residents in need of medical treatment. Commander Peter Crain of the Royal Canadian Navy was captain of the HMCS Athabaskan. He and his crew provided invaluable assistance to the rescue efforts in Haiti.

Viewers will learn about the skills these responders have and the training they undergo. They will also witness a call-to-action as these responders are deployed to aid those affected by the earthquake in Haiti in 2010—moving troops, transporting supplies and food, providing medical treatment and rebuilding communities.

Individual tickets will be available for purchase Feb. 17 and may be reserved up to two weeks in advance. Groups of 10 or more may reserve tickets now. The public may visit any Smithsonian Theaters box office, call toll-free (866) 868-7774 or visit for information or to purchase tickets.

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