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Museum of Printing History presents QWERTY. A Typewriter Retrospective

The Museum of Printing History presents QWERTY: A Typewriter Retrospective on view through March 10, 2012.

Typewriters inhabit a special place in the American psyche. No longer in widespread use, typewriters have been outsourced by the desktop computer, although they maintain a special air of nostalgia. Americans remember their junior high typing class, while many of today’s youngsters have never set eyes on such a machine. Tucked away in closets and in office corners, many typewriters are still occasionally put to good use. In addition to being beautiful specimens of design, who can forget the characteristic music of taps and bells created by a manual typewriter? From the collection of the Museum of Printing History.

The Museum of Printing History 1324 W. Clay Street, Houston, Texas 77019

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