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Museo Picasso Malaga opens Richard Prince exhibition

The Museo Picasso Malaga presents an exhibition of previously unseen works by US artist Richard Prince on view 27 February – 27 May, 2012.

Richard Prince Untitled 2011 Ink jet, oil crayon, pastel and charcoal on canvas, 147.3 x 114.3 cm © Richard Prince. Photo: Robert McKeever

Over the last two years, the artist has painted canvases, along with a number of collages and photo-collages. Growing recognition of Prince’s work by the professional art world, while not devoid of controversy, has made him one of the most outstanding and closely-watched artists on the international contemporary art scene. Richard Prince makes speculations by setting up complex relationships and short-circuits between elements from the worlds of images and words.

In this exhibition, Richard Prince approaches Picasso by using a tactic of radical cannibalisation of the artist, causing the spectator to feel alienated. By distancing us in this way, we are warned to revise our perceptions and conventional views on sexuality, eroticism and desire. With this exhibition, MPM is fulfilling one of its core missions, i.e., to deal with contemporary art face-on, just as Pablo Picasso confronted his own time, being a continuation of the series that began with Bill Viola, Figurative Works, Museo Picasso Málaga, 2010, and Kippenberger Meets Picasso, Museo Picasso Málaga, 2011. –

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