Kunsthaus Zurich announces Posada to Alys. Mexican Art From 1900 to the Present

The Kunsthaus Zurich presents Posada to Alys. Mexican Art From 1900 to the Present, an exhibition on view 16 March – 20 May 2012.

Francis Alys Sleepers II, 2000, 80 slides, copyright Francis Alys Kunsthaus Zurich

Mexico occupies a special position in the international art of the last 100 years, one essentially characterized by a mixture of topicality and engagement with the nation’s cultural identity. This exhibition presents figurative representations by artists who deal with the extremes of their time in Mexico and depict social relationships and adversities.

It begins with graphic plates by José Guadalupe Posada (around 1852 – 1913), one of the most important artists in 19th-century Mexico. His works are juxtaposed with those of contemporary figures such as Carlos Amorales (*1970), Teresa Margolles (*1963) and Francis Alÿs (*1959), who address similar topics to Posada. For all of them, the central concern is moments of life and death that relate to Mexican history and are realized in the form of social and political landscapes. – www.kunsthaus.ch

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