Utah Museum of Natural History presents Nature of Things 2012. Sharing Science Stories

In Nature of Things 2012: Sharing Science Stories, hear from a scientist-turned-filmmaker, one of the world’s leading theoretical physicists, a renowned science journalist, and two of the most innovative sound designers working in radio today. Explore the transformative power generated by the collision between great science and great storytelling. Over the course of four lecture events, master science storytellers working in a variety of different media will share amazing science stories and discuss the challenges of communicating complex scientific ideas.

The Natural History Museum of Utah is dedicated to sharing science stories, from the exhibits in our galleries at the Rio Tinto Center, to the research conducted by our scientists, to the programs we present around the state. Nature of Things lecture events take place at Kingsbury Hall, The City Library, and at the Rio Tinto Center. – www.nhmu.utah.edu

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