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Anne Frank Center USA Opens In Lower Manhattan

Civic, religious, and cultural leaders have celebrated the opening of The Anne Frank Center USA, the American partner of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, dedicated to sharing the story and diary of Anne Frank and the Holocaust as a continual reminder of the consequences of anti-Semitism, mass discrimination, and hatred.

The Center, located at 44 Park Place, just three blocks from Ground Zero, includes a permanent, interactive exhibit with excerpts from Anne’s diary; stories about other residents of the Secret Annex; and space for reflection. The Center also includes a classroom and space for public programs. A second phase of the exhibit will open in summer 2012.

Otto Frank founded the Center in 1977. It has been operating for 35 years, distributing traveling exhibits across the US, offering school programs and attracting youth, families and adults to programs at its public space.

The Anne Frank Center USA is a not-for-profit organization that promotes the universal message of tolerance by developing and disseminating a variety of educational programs, including exhibitions, workshops, and special events. –

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