Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein presents Bojan Sarcevic exhibition

The Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein presents Bojan Sarcevic, A Curious Contortion in the Method of Progress, an exhibition on view through 26 May 2012.

Bojan Sarcevic

A Curious Contortion in the Method of Progress is the first major museum exhibition by Bojan Šarčević (* 1974). Created in close collaboration with the artist, it gives an insight into his multifaceted work of recent years, with the focus on sculpture and its representation in another medium.

The exhibition has been planned as an interactively structured sequence. The works have been selected specially with the architectural situation of the Kunstmuseum in mind, creating spaces of mutually enhancing and contrasting atmospheric density, the effect of which progressively evolves and intensifies: the monumental stands alongside the ephemeral, organic materiality encounters structural forms, silence meets movement, the insignificant becomes significant, reflections emerge in expanses of space, precision combines with lyricism, beauty combines with reality, and the introspective with the extrovert. What can art do today? This is the question that Bojan Šarčević addresses—a question that is as much about the meaning of human existence as it is about the current situation of western society.

Šarčević uses minimal gestures to generate a substantive clarity that reveals fundamental questions of structure—be they social, individual or artistic. The exhibition title A Curious Contortion in the Method of Progress is at the same time a serious and light-hearted invitation to take a slight detour from accepted ideas of progress. As the artist himself puts it: “It could be a metaphor of the dichotomy between what we want and what we have.”

Embedded within the exhibition there is a presentation of works from the collection of the Kunstmuseum, curated by Bojan Šarčević, including Absalon, Arnold Böcklin, Gustave Courbet, Giorgio de Chirico, Ferdinand Kriwet, Robert Mangold, Fred Sandback, Keith Sonnier, Rosemarie Trockel and Herbert Zangs, giving a personal insight into his interest in art.

A production of the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, curated by Christiane Meyer-Stoll.

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