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Chrysler Museum of Art Announces Expansion and Renovation Plans

The Board of Trustees of the Chrysler Museum of Art voted March 29 to proceed with plans to expand and renovate the Museum.

New first floor layout (Axonometric view) Chrysler Museum of Art

If the bidding process goes as expected, construction will begin in early July. The end result will be more gallery space, better amenities and freshly redesigned exhibits.

A key component of the renovation is the replacement of outdated heating and cooling systems—which are absolutely crucial in protecting and preserving our collection—with more modern, efficient systems. Such green initiatives will help the Museum reduce its energy bill, which currently tops $60,000 per month.

Centuries-old paintings cannot be kept in a facility without temperature and humidity control, so as this work progresses, portions of the Museum will be closed as the art is moved into safekeeping. The entire main building is expected to be closed throughout 2013, with the grand reopening of the Museum scheduled for April 2014. –

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