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Ludwig Forum Aachen presents Highlights of the Collection

The Ludwig Forum Aachen presents Highlights of the Collection in an exhibition open 22 April 2012–23 April 2013.

Ludwig Forum Aachen, Franz Gertsch, “Medici,” 1971. Duane Hanson, “Bowery Bums,” 1969/70; Gerhard Richter, “Permutationen 1-1024,” 1973/74. Photo: Ludwig Forum Aachen, Carl Brunn, 2011

The Ludwig Collection with its more than 14,000 works in total is one of the most comprehensive and most important art collections in the world. The collection of the Ludwig Forum alone comprises around 3,000 pieces. Among these are many works that appear in every book on the history of art and have become part of the global art heritage of the 20th century. In its unique presentation, the Ludwig Forum will show the favourite works of our local visitors. In cooperation with the local newspapers, everyone could choose his personal highlight from 68 artworks. Next to many ‘classics’ in the collections, new acquisitions with works by Nairy Baghramian, Michel Majerus and Gary Winogrand could be chosen too. Almost 1,200 people took part in the poll, either online or by mail. The choice shows the strong identification with the museum and the works in its collection.

The undisputed favourite of Aachen’s citizens is the “Supermarket Shopper” by Duane Hanson from 1970. On the first five ranks we can find Gerhard Richter’s “Permutations 1-1024″, Chuck Close’s “Richard”, Andy Warhol’s “Portrait Peter Ludwig” and “I know how you must feel, Brad…” by Roy Lichtenstein. But the locals are not hooked on Pop Art alone. William Wegman, A.R. Penck and Georg Baselitz can be found on the upper ranks as well.

Exhibition curator: Dr. Brigitte Franzen

Ludwig Forum Aachen
Jülicher Straße 97-109
52070 Aachen, Germany

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