Bonniers Konsthall presents Klara Kristalova exhibition

Bonniers Konsthall in Stockholm presents the first large solo exhibition of the Swedish artist Klara Kristalova. On view 25 April–29 July 2012.

Klara Kristalova’s imagery is doubled and multilayered. Motifs revolve around themes of transformation, rebirth, and creation. Her figures often appear childish, but are simultaneously characterized by dark humor. One of her recurring figures is the young woman on the cusp between child and adult. Another one is half human, half animal. An important element of Klara Kristalova’s work is her embrace of the clichés surrounding “the Nordic”, with her deep forests full of imaginative and mythical flora and fauna, which she infuses with contemporary and topical narratives.

Since her time at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Klara Kristalova has made the idiosyncratic decision to work primarily with ceramics. Her work has received a great deal of international attention, and now Bonniers Konsthall will show an extensive collection of her pieces, many done specifically for this exhibition.

Bonniers Konsthall has been following Klara Kristalova’s work closely since 2006, when she participated in the gallery’s inaugural exhibition, along with the 50 other Swedish artists who, like Kristalova, were recipients of grants from the Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation. In 2012 she is Bonniers Konsthall’s guest artist.

By hosting a guest artist each year, we wish to facilitate both the creation of new work, and give the wider public a chance to immerse themselves in the work of some of today’s most brilliant artists. Since 2009 the gallery has also bought these newly produced works for its collection. Previous guest artists include Gardar Eide Einarsson (2011), Tomas Saraceno (2010), Gunilla Klingberg (2009), Michael Beutler (2008), Monica Bonvicini (2007), and Gabriel Lester (2006).

Book Release, May 2nd
In addition to the exhibition, Bonniers Konsthall will publish a catalog featuring an essay by British curator and writer Tom Morton and a conversation between Klara Kristalova and Camilla Larsson, curator at Bonniers Konsthall.

Klara Kristalova and our other books are available through For retail information, please contact [email protected]

From Hand to Thought and Back Again. Seminar, May 9th
Klara Kristalova has been working with ceramics since her time in art school, a material traditionally associated with handicrafts. In the seminar From Hand to Thought and Back Again, we want to expand the discussion around prevailing notions of artistic expression and work methods. Participating artists include Klara Kristalova, Elin Wikström, and Sigrid Sandström. Language: Swedish.

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