Frac Haute-Normandie opens Michael Sailstorfer. Forest Cleaning

Frac Haute-Normandie presents German artist Michael Sailstorfer’s first exhibition at a French art institution ‘Forest Cleaning’ on view 21 April–15 July 2012.

Michael Sailstorfer, “Raketenbaum,” 2008. Diptych: diasec on aluminium, museum glass

For German artist Michael Sailstorfer’s first exhibition at a French art institution, Frac Haute-Normandie has set out to bring together a body of work that illustrates the many facets of his work, starting with his student days at the Munich Academy in 2000, right up to the present. This solo exhibition is entitled Forest Cleaning, after his work of the same name Waldputz, and accordingly takes its cue from this “youthful” work, which the artist today considers to be his first artistic piece. Waldputz (“Forest cleaning” in German), a discrete outdoor installation, focuses on a number of the artist’s primary artistic considerations. The title evokes, somewhat pragmatically, one of the recurring themes in the Bavarian-born artist’s work: the collusion between nature and culture. First and foremost, the piece demonstrates, with a certain wit, one of the central issues in his work: how do we rethink the relationship today between sculpture and space.

Frac Haute-Normandie
3, place des Martyrs-de-la-Résistance
76300 Sotteville-lès-Rouen, France
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