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The Hyde Collection opens Stephen Knapp. New Light

The Hyde Collection presents Stephen Knapp. New Light an exhibition on view June 17–September 16, 2012.

Stephen Knapp creates innovative and engaging works that interact with, and are transformed by light. Using a special glass treated with metallic coatings that act as selective prisms, light is separated into different wavelengths of the color spectrum that refracts and reflects light onto surfaces and their surrounding spaces.

Stephen Knapp, American, b. 1947, Serenata, 2003-2008, light, glass, stainless steel, 13 feet x 21 feet x 10 inches

Stephen Knapp has been creating art for over thirty years that interacts with, and is transformed by light. Combining art and science, Knapp creates innovative and engaging works that are formed at the intersection of painting, sculpture, and architecture. Dispensing with traditional media and narrative content, Knapp’s “lightpaintings,” a word he coined to describe his light-based installations, are both innovative and invigorating: transposing artistic tradition into the hyper-stimulated world of the twenty-first century. He creates his “lightpaintings” using a special glass treated with layers of metallic coatings that act as a selective prism to separate focused light into different wavelengths of the color spectrum. Knapp cuts, shapes, and polishes the glass in his studio to create a palette that he uses to refract and reflect light onto a surface and surrounding space. The artist’s unique ability to harness the power of light represents a new form of visual art. Knapp’s “lightpaintings” have been the focus of many museum and gallery exhibitions throughout the country, and have been selected as permanent site-specific installations for museums and public spaces. The exhibition at The Hyde Collection will include approximately fourteen works and an exterior piece installed by the artist.

The Hyde Collection
Art Museum & Historic House
161 Warren Street, Glens Falls, NY 12801
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