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Penobscot Marine Museum announces exhibition of artworks by CleanWave Group Client Environmental Artist Sonja Weber Gilkey

The Penobscot Marine Museum in Searsport, Maine ( will feature the artworks of CleanWave Group client Sonja Weber Gilkey from August 3 until August 31, 2012. The exhibit, entitled Sea Lives, explores the intertwined nature of the ocean inspired sculptural art works of artist Sonja Weber Gilkey. Sea Lives conveys both the changing nature and importance of the oceans in our lives through the vehicle of sculpture.

Sonja Weber Gilkey is a visual artist born in The Netherlands who derives most of her inspiration and materials from the sea. Her work is tactile and moving.

“My rope sculptures are each manifestations of our infinity on earth. Rope is universal and used in all aspects of life. It is essential for infinity, life, death, and rebirth. The interwoven pattern of the rope can be seen as symbolic of the DNA strands that make up all of life. The results of these patterns are rope sculptures that represent a unique Universe. A Universe that is full of life.”
– Sonja Weber Gilkey

There is a tangible connectivity demonstrated in Sonja’s work. Everything is linked. And there is a message – let’s preserve what we still have. The exhibit will feature the celebrated Fishermen’s Crosses and select large scale works including Les Ames En Route which received a special prize from the American Folk Art Museum in New York City.

In Maine, Sonja is surrounded by the deep power of the sea, activities of the lobster men, their boats, crates, the sound of the fog horns and the eddies of water that go by her wooden cottage. She is called to the ocean, a beautiful and fragile environment increasingly impacted by humans. For over 50 years, Sonja Weber Gilkey has been closely intertwined with the people and nature of Maine. Her life and art is profoundly influenced by the stories of lives working at sea and the life and beauty of Maine.

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