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Architekturmuseum announces The Architect. History and Present of a Profession exhibition

The Architekturmuseum in Munich presents The Architect – History and Present of a Profession, an exhibition on view 7.09.2012 – 03.02.2013.

Although building is one of the oldest occupations of mankind and architecture is regarded as the mother of arts, the architect’s work and the historical development of the profession are well-known only by a few. An extensive exhibition demonstrates the many changes of the occupational profile, from master builder to artist and from constructing engineer to organizer, as well as the diverging interpretations of the architect’s task and position in different countries, culture groups and centuries. Examples from antiquity up to the present not only illustrate and explain the history and importance of the profession but also the relationship with the client, the realization of ideas, the self-portrayal as well as the correlation with literature, music and theatre. By means of paintings, drawings, photos, models and films a manifold as well as exciting image of the profession will be shown. –

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