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Plan for Protection and Preservation of Facilities and Assets for The American Indian Cultural Center and Museum

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (June 28, 2012) – Available funds for the continuation of construction for The American Indian Cultural Center and Museum (The Center) have been exhausted. Accordingly, the Native American Cultural and Educational Authority (NACEA) has prepared the following interim plan to secure and preserve the existing facilities of The Center to protect these valuable assets. Construction will be suspended on July 1, 2012.

Plans include suspension of construction operations by Centennial Builders and de-mobilization of Centennial Builders personnel and facilities supporting construction activities. However, following de-mobilization, Centennial Builders will be engaged to continue its onsite presence and to provide building and grounds maintenance and site security for the purpose of preserving and protecting existing American Indian Cultural Center and Museum assets of the State. These services are to be provided on a month to month basis. During this period of suspension of construction activities, ongoing efforts to develop and implement an alternative plan for funding of completion of The Center will continue.

Blake Wade offers, “We will continue our efforts with the State of Oklahoma to develop and implement a practical plan that allows us to match the $40M pledges from the private sector, Tribes and the City of Oklahoma City for completion of this important project. We have been in contact with our donors and most of them have agreed to continue their financial commitments for a reasonable amount of time, to give us an opportunity to develop an appropriate plan.”

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Image: American Indian Cultural Center and Museum Aerial View Looking West 50% Complete

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