Fundacion Proaannounces An Art of Contradictions. Pop, Realisms and Politics. Brazil – Argentina, 1960

Fundación Proa presents An Art of Contradictions. Pop, Realisms and Politics. Brazil – Argentina, 1960. Curated by Paulo Herkenhoff and Rodrigo Alonso, the exhibition on view July 14–September 2012. evidences the effervescence of artists, as well as the challenges they faced, as they navigated the eagerness to modernize and the urgency of revolutionary struggles.

In the 1960s, a decade of deep changes, Brazil and Argentina developed their own vision of Pop Art. The icons of Che Guevara, Coca-Cola, and the dollar bill are images of resistance and struggle. The happening and participation art left institutional spaces behind to take to the spaces of daily life. Aesthetic practices partook of pop culture and the power of reality organized artistic experience. Experimentation was bound to commitment.

Pop, Realisms and Politics… brings together more than 100 works by 58 artists; it includes films, paintings, installations, drawings, documents, performances, and photographs belonging to outstanding museums and private collections.

The 300-page catalogue contains reproductions of the works in the exhibition, as well as previously unpublished texts by the curators and a dossier of essays and manifestos from the period. Gonzalo Aguilar provides a contextual framework and a timeline highlights the major events. More information: [email protected]

Pop, Realisms and Politics. Brazil – Argentina is made possible by the Lei de Incentivo à Cultura. Ministério da Cultura – Brasil and the Brazilian Embassy in Argentina, as well as the support of TenarisConfab – Organización Techint.

Maria Louise Alemann / Claudia Andujar / Artur Barrio / Luis Fernando Benedit / Antonio Berni / Oscar Bony / Delia Cancela / Raymundo Colares / Waldemar Cordeiro / Eduardo Costa / Jorge de la Vega / Miguel de Lorenzi / Antonio Dias / León Ferrari / Nicolás García Uriburu / Anna Bella Geiger / Rubens Gerchmann / Edgardo Giménez / Carlos Gorriarena / Alberto Greco / Carmela Gross / Grupo REX / Alberto Heredia / Narcisa Hirsch / Roberto Jacoby / Kenneth Kemble / Wesley Duke Lee / Nelson Leirner / Rómulo Macció / Ivens Machado / Anna María Maiolino / Sameer Makarius / Antonio Manuel / Cildo Meireles / Walter Mejía / Pablo Menicucci / Manoel Messias / Marta Minujín / Montez Magno / Luis Felipe Noé / Hélio Oiticica / Lygia Pape / Federico Manuel Peralta Ramos / Décio Pignatari / Wanda Pimentel / Dalila Puzzovio / Glauco Rodrigues / Gilvan Samico / Rubén Santantonín / Maria do Carmo Secco / Antonio Seguí / Charlie Squirru / Pablo Suárez / Evandro Teixeira / Miguel Ángel Telechea / Claudio
Tozzi / Carlos Vergara / Carlos Zilio

Fundacion Proa
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