Creation Museum Launches New Billboard Campaign

The Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky has launched a new billboard campaign. Its latest effort is a highly visible one, as the museum, which turned five years old on Memorial Day, seeks to build on the 1.6 million visitors who have already toured.

This year the museum’s ad agency, Joseph David Advertising, has created a series of striking “comic-style” boards and has secured space on over one hundred billboards across America. Almost all the boards have a dinosaur theme, which reflects the fact that dinosaurs are a major topic inside the creationist museum.

Creation Museum Billboard

With 20 different styles, the billboards are being put up all around the nation on major interstates and highways. Already found in 24 states, 100-plus billboards have been purchased: 58 along key interstates that lead toward the museum, and about 50 others can be found along or entering major interstates, around mega-churches, and near amusement park areas (e.g., Disneyworld in Orlando, Dinosaur World near Tampa, and Stone Mountain in Atlanta). Fittingly, a prominent billboard is going up right now near the famed Dinosaur National Monument in Utah. They can be found as far away as California. –

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