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Turner Contemporary opens Entangled2. Lindsay Seers

The Turner Contemporary in Margate presents Entangled2, Lindsay Seers, on view 7 July 201 – 5 August 2012. Screenings every half hour 11am–4pm.

Lindsay Seers’s film installation Entangled² captures a pair of female actresses dressed as men on the stages of Margate’s two great entertainment venues, the Theatre Royal and the Winter Gardens.

Both theatres historically hosted scores of famous performers, and Seers takes particular interest in two male impersonators from early 20th century music hall, Hettie King and Vesta Tilley.

As in all of Seers’s work, Entangled² weaves several narratives together: the actresses’ doubled identities connect to Seers’s fascination with her great-great uncle’s condition Heterochomia, where different coloured eyes result from one twin subsuming the other in the womb. Entangled² sweeps visitors into a saucy seaside past where the boundaries between people blur.

Commissioned and curated by Jacqui Davies, University for the Creative Arts (School of Fine Arts) and Turner Contemporary.

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