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Tacoma Art Museum announces Andy Warhol Flowers for Tacoma

The Tacoma Art Museum presents Andy Warhol’s Flowers for Tacoma, an exhibition on view November 3, 2012–February 10, 2013.

Andy Warhol’s Flowers for Tacoma explores the context and development of flower imagery in Warhol’s career, focusing on his 1982 proposal for the Tacoma Dome. In addition to his audacious vision for the Tacoma Dome, highlights of the exhibition will include the iconic flower paintings from 1964 and a recreation of his unusual Rain Machine from 1971, a device that produces a rain shower for 100 daisies. Warhol’s extensive use of flowers throughout his career will be represented by early illustrations from the 1950s, series of flower prints, and numerous photographs made by Warhol and his circle that illustrate the artist’s fascination with the fragility and beauty of flowers. Organized by Tacoma Art Museum. –

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