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De Hallen Haarlem presents To the Sea. The Sea in Dutch Art since 1850

the De Hallen Haarlem presents To the Sea. The Sea in Dutch Art since 1850, an exhibition on view through 2 September 2012. It featurs works by such artists as Hendrik Mesdag, Bernard Blommers and Jozef and Isaac Israëls as well as early Modernists like Jan Sluijters and Jan Toorop, and more recent artists like Edgar Fernhout, Co Westerik, Jan Dibbets and Rineke Dijkstra.

Charley Toorop. Sea with sandbank, 1969

The sea and the Netherlands are inextricably linked, and it is a frequent
presence in Dutch art. Storms at sea, naval battles and coastal
scenes—artists have worked with these themes since the seventeenth
century. In the nineteenth century, driven by a desire for personal
expression, artists began increasingly to experiment with different styles
and techniques, and the sea became a subject in its own right for the
first time. The following century saw a proliferation of new works inspired
by the sea, in which we see both a search for the abstract and the
emergence of new forms of realism.

The exhbition is generously supported by the Dr. Marijnus Johannes van
Toorn & Louise Scholten Foundation

De Hallen Haarlem Grote Markt 16 2011 RD Haarlem
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