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Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center opens James Turrell Trace Elements. Light Into Space

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center presents James Turrell Trace Elements. Light Into Space, an exhibition on view July 14 – September 30, 2012. In conjunction with an exhibition, Places Apart, by Colorado College professor and artist, Scott Johnson.

Turrell is an American artist whose work involves exploration of light and space. A Turrell installation provides an experience that is different for each viewer, and can be moving and thought-provoking.
The piece, Trace Elements, evokes a number of reactions. Westword wrote, “Trace Elements (is) a light sculpture exuding such visual magnetism that viewers may believe they’ve died and gone to heaven.”
For this installation, the Fine Arts Center’s large second-floor El Pomar Gallery will undergo a massive transformation. A large-scale viewing room is being built within the gallery to house Trace Elements.
The artist wants each patron to encounter the piece with no preconceptions, so the Fine Arts Center cannot describe specifics about the work or the experience. –

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