Hudson River Museum presents Holly Sears. Hudson River Explorers

Hudson River Museum presents Holly Sears. Hudson River Explorers, an exhibition on view through October 13, 2012.

Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, NY

Holly Sears, inspired by the Hudson River and the region’s rich history of discovery, exploration, and travel, paints a luminous collection of work depicting the flora and fauna of the river, both fantastical and actual. The exotic creatures Sears enmeshes in the tissue of our local land enhances our interest in the native species, as it speaks to our dreams and imagination.

Her paintings, called Hudson River Explorers, will soon be fabricated for 11 glass panels in the newly constructed South and North Overpass Corridors on the Hudson Line at the Tarrytown Metro-North Station. They mark the 25th installed artwork in the Metro-North system.

The riverscapes in Hudson River Explorers, six above and five underwater, are magical and yet firmly grounded in naturalism. The plants and animals, largely native, many threatened or endangered, guide an array of exotic visitors through their watery realms.

A commuter’s trip down a rail corridor is one of discovery as is the journey of the river explorers themselves. From east to west, from dawn to dusk, the panels at each Overpass create the experience of a day’s passing, much as a traveler experiences a changing scene in the muting light of the sky and in the water’s shimmer.

Holly Sears: Hudson River Explorers is organized by the Hudson River Museum in collaboration with MTA Arts for Transit. –

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