Museum of the City of New York announces From Farm to City. Staten Island 1661-2012

Museum of the City of New York presents From Farm to City. Staten Island 1661-2012, an exhibition on view Sep 13 through Jan 21, 2012.

Panorama of the Harbor of New York, Staten Island and the Narrows, 1854. Nagel & Weingartner, printmakers. Courtesy the Library of Congress.

Through maps, photographs, newspapers, government documents, and original artifacts, visitors will encounter Staten Island’s historical transformation and its changing roles as a farming center, as a rural retreat, as the site of rapidly residential communities, as a center for industry, and as an increasingly dense urban environment. From Farm to City: Staten Island 1661-2012 will also enable visitors to explore current debates about land preservation, environmental sustainability, and redevelopment on the island, including through a special case study of the Fresh Kills landfill redevelopment.

A companion Web site accompanying From Farm to City will provide visitors with an interactive porthole through which to view Staten Island’s centuries of transformation.

Museum of the City of New York · 1220 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY 10029 · 212.534.1672

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