Tate Modern opens Ei Arakawa. JOY OF LIFE and SINGLE’S NIGHT

Tate Modern presents Ei Arakawa. JOY OF LIFE and SINGLE’S NIGHT an exhibition open 24 July – 29 July 2012 in The Tanks at Tate Modern.

Ei Arakawa See Weeds 2011 Courtesy of the Artists and Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo Photo: Alison Vieuxmaire

New York based Japanese artist Ei Arakawa takes up a week long residency in the Tanks.

Slide shows of works by artists Silke Otto-Knapp and Florian Pumhösl will be projected on to the walls of the Tank, alongside a large scale reproduction of Jutta Koether’s painting La Femme, to provide a theatrical backdrop for the week’s series of collaborative performances and actions. Inspired by Arakawa’s research into the Jikken Kobo and Gutai groups whose activities took place in the 1950s in post-war Japan, exploring performance and cross-disciplinary action.

During the week you are invited to join Arakawa for JOY OF LIFE, an art historical workshop with Harumi Nishizawa and Miwako Tezuka; the new generation of Japanese art historians of the pre and post-War period, exploring the relationship between art and theatre in the 1920s, early ballet productions in Japan, pre-Gutai Gutai and Jikken Kobo.

Evening events include SINGLE’S NIGHT a participatory, free event where singles are invited to dance with Jutta Koether’s work Mad Garland, accompanied by sensual music provided by Stefan Tcherepnin, a screening of Fukushima Hula Girls (2012), a film about hula girls in Fukushima amidst the post-earthquake confusion, accompanied by a dance with new glass paintings by Kerstin Brätsch, and Kissing The Canvas, Arakawa’s non-dance dance performance, which actively utilizes Jutta Koether’s La Femme theatrical backdrop as a central actor within the piece.

More information: www.tate.org.uk

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