Virginia Museum of Transportation announce opening of aviation collection on November 17

Virginia Museum of Transportation have announced the opening of a gallery for it’s aviation collection on November 17. In 2006, a severe storm blew off portions of the Museum’s roof, destroying the aviation gallery.

As described in the Museum’s Master Interpretive Plan, the gallery will include following components:

Technology and Principles of Flight: how birds and mechanical devices are able to fly; parts of an airplane; engine, wing and propeller technology.

Early Aviation: the dream of flight illustrated by a Native American legend; ballooning and its use during the Civil War.

Commercial Aviation: the growth and development of passenger air travel and air mail; aircraft models; flight attendant uniforms 1940s – 1980s.

Helicopters and Emergency Transport: helicopter technology; the story of Life-Guard, Virginia’s first air ambulance service and the impact of night vision technology on safe nighttime rescue operations.

Virginia’s Regional/ International Airports: the design, history, impact, and function of Virginia’s major airports, with a detailed look at Roanoke Regional Airport; airport lighting, air traffic control, and parts of an airport.

Roanoke’s Early Civilian Aviators: early aviators included barnstormers and daredevils whose flying exhibitions introduced flight to the public and increased demand; the early days of flight; the airport’s early development.
Roanoke’s Military Aviators: dramatic firsthand accounts of aviators from this region who helped shape the nation’s history serving in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and other conflicts.

Virginia’s Military Bases: the role Virginia’s bases have played in war and peace; aircraft carriers.

General Aviation: Most pilots fly in general aviation. Section features the walk-in fuselage of a private jet, passenger compartment and cockpit; the diversity of aviation careers; how to learn to fly.

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