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Portsmouth Museum of Art presents street a.k.a. museum

Portsmouth Museum of Art presents street a.k.a. museum, an exhibition on view through September 11, 2011..

Street art has its roots in rebellion. Once considered underground, urban and graffiti art, it has over the last 30 years gained acceptance and popularity in the art community. It now exists in galleries and museums as well as on the streets, actively engaging an international audience. This exhibition presents artwork and murals by six emerging international talents: Bumblebee, Herakut, Shark Toof, Alexandros Vasmoulakis, and Andreas von Chrzanowski. This generation of street artists have distinct messages they contribute to the urban environment, creating high-quality contemporary art and adding it to the walls of cities around the world.

Each artist has work represented within the Portsmouth Museum of Art. In addition, the artists have transformed the streets of Portsmouth into living museum by creating a series of art pieces around the streets of the city’s downtown, which we offer as a walking tour.

Portsmouth Museum of Art
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