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Elmhurst Art Museum presents Heather Becker. The Hidden Face

Elmhurst Art Museum presents Heather Becker. The Hidden Face, an exhibition on view 08.25.2012. Heather Beacker, The Guardian, 2011 Becker’s quiet portraits evoke longing and foreignness with distant glances and delicate expressions. Haunting and expressive, […]

Bellevue Arts Museum installs hearing aid compatible technology

The Bellevue Arts Museum has installed hearing aid compatible technology. When over 36‐million Americans of all ages are experiencing hearing loss, it’s time for public spaces to take action and promote hearing accessibility. Bellevue Arts […]

Project Arts Centre announces Whitewashing the Moon

Project Arts Centre presents Whitewashing the Moon, open 24 August–27 October 2012. Jorge De la Garza, Untitled No.1 (Book 5), Collage IV series, 2008 Written in 1869, Edward Everett Hale‘s short story The Brick Moon, […]

Project Arts Centre announces The Forgotten Works

Project Arts Centre presents The Forgotten Works, an exhibition on view 24 August–27 October 2012. Black, bright, amorphous, Ruth E. Lyons‘ major new commission, The Forgotten Works, appears to pull and push the facade of […]